Attention families of people with Tuberous Sclerosis

The Cerebra Network for Neurodevelopmental Disorders, based at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom are performing a study, and need your help.
Learn more about the study below.
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    What is the study about?

    We are wanting to collect information about
    changes in behaviour, emotion, physical and mental
    health for people with genetic syndromes,
    neurodevelopmental disorders and intellectual
    disabilities. This is so we can understand the
    impact of these experiences and hopefully offer
    better ideas of support.

    Who can take part?

    You can take part if you are a parent or carer of an
    individual diagnosed with either a genetic
    syndrome, autism and/or an intellectual disability.
    The person you care for must be at least one year

    What is asked from participants?

    We will ask you to complete a range of
    questionnaires that will ask you about topics such
    as the person you care for’s diagnosis, health,
    behaviour, and mood. We expect these questions
    will take you 60 minutes to complete. You don’t
    need to answer them all in one sitting. We may also
    ask to do a phone interview with you.

    Want to know more?

    Click here to visit for more information.