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Story About Us
Where it all began

Who are we?

TSC Ireland was established in 2015 and registered as a charity later that year. The founding members were parents of young children with TSC who recognised the need for an Irish organisation that would support, inform and advocate for the TSC community here. The organisation has built up steadily over the years.


We hold an annual conference in Dublin aimed at families, carers and individuals with TSC.  We have been fortunate to welcome expert national and international speakers who shared their knowledge on a variety of  relevant topics such as neurology and epilepsy, psychology, dermatology, kidney disease and autism amongst others. This has provided an excellent opportunity for people to meet the experts, ask questions, to voice their concerns and meet others living with TSC. 


 We host a regular Family Fun Day which is a fun, relaxed occasion allowing families to mingle, share experiences and simply get to know each other. Our most recent Family Day was held in the Irish National Stud in Oct 2023 and was a great success. 


TSC Ireland have hosted several educational webinars on a variety of topics and have more coming up soon.

Are you newly diagnosed with TSC?

You or a family member may have just been diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). Your next question may be now what? Find out more here.


Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) manifests itself in many different ways, but one factor individuals with TSC have in common is that they must live with the disorder their entire lives.


Although some affected children may have significant problems, such as epilepsy, and severe learning disabilities, many children who have TSC exhibit no symptoms in the classroom. The condition may impact the child’s ability to learn, his or her behavior, and relationships.

How we can help

Raising Awareness

By raising awareness of TSC both in the general public and across the health service we can increase the visibility of this rare condition. We advocate for the provision of the best possible care for all that is in line with international clinical guidelines

Supporting patients

Providing information to patients and families living with TSC in Ireland. This includes access to up-to-date knowledge from expert clinicians and researchers working in the area of TSC both within Ireland and internationally via webinars and our annual in person conference.

Creating a community

Fostering a sense of belonging to a community for everyone affected by TSC in Ireland. We do this via our active FaceBook page and WhatsApp group and also through hosting regular in person events like Family Fun Days and Social events for Adults with TSC


We are raising funds to help provide information and support to Patients, Families and Carers affected by Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, as well as support research into the causes and new treatments.


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